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I chose "GHOSH" as a brand name because it is my last name; I chose GHOSH as a brand name because it would force me to work harder on this brand.


I enjoy designing clothes and have made many for others. Now I want to do the same for those who have helped me; it will be in my name. Consider GHOSH in the same way that you would see BALENCIAGA or VETEMENTS. It is a brand that is still in its experimental stage.


JPEGMAFIA and KANYE are two of my biggest influences. I believe they are boundary-pushing artists, and I aspire to be on their level.


I chose "MADE IN DYSTOPIA" because of my previous experiences with being born and raised in a third-world country. My mother and I are extremely close, and I wanted this brand to represent my interpretation of what my mother went through and how she overcame adversity and "made it." 


I chose "WE ARE TAKING CONTROL" because I want to show how my family and I "made it" in terms of moving from a third-world country to Canada, learning our ways, and eventually becoming content with how we live now in comparison to how my family and I were born and raised back home.


GHOSH's current state is not serious, and it is not my top priority right now. I have far more important things in terms of work. I do intend to drop cool clothing here and there so that people can get it.



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